Thursday, March 31, 2016

Now Available at a Party Near You.
Silly Science Show Birthday Party Edition
The "Silly Science Show" may be silly,
but it is serious about having fun
with science.
Book this professional presentation at your Child's upcoming Birthday Party.
Great fun for ages 4 on up.

The Silly Science Show features entertainer Ric Morton
as Professor Weisenheimer.

The "experiments" include Liquid, Pressure, Compress, Orbit, Gas, Volume, Weight,  Mass,  Force, Vortex and more. This show is very hands on, utilizing several Junior Professors from the audience, especially the Birthday Child to help with the experiments.

This program has been a hit at Elementary Schools and Libraries all over the Southern California area, now it is available for your party.

Minimum performance area required  - 12 feet wide and 9 feet deep (this is a big show). Access to power is required for this production.

Indoor performance area preferred. Can be performed out doors, but weather conditions (wind, etc) may affect the outcome of some of the demonstrations/experiments.

Contact us for availability,
cost and set up information.